CNC machines are precision manufacturing machines used in many industries.
These machines are used to cut, drill or machine various materials. During these processes, spindle motors are the main components that process materials by rotating cutting tools. The spindle motor types we produce and sell are as follows;

Half a century of experience...

Hertz Motors, which we produce by blending our years of knowledge and experience with our labour, will be a concrete presentation of the concepts of quality and speed and exhibits the facts you are looking for in a superior way.

By increasing our product range day by day; we continue to develop our products carefully with our diligent working principle that we adopt. Our motors, which we manufacture completely in our own facilities, pass through various production steps step by step with our qualified workforce and our experience passed down from generation to generation. Each part of our motors is presented to you after undergoing intermediate inspections during both manufacturing and assembly stages.

"Better product every day"

Our ultimate goal is to reach better on every new business day we start working with the mentality.
The quality of the motors we produce is under the assurance of Hertz Motor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spindle motors are used in industrial applications that require high speed and precision. They are used in tools such as CNC machines, drill machines, grinding machines.

The speeds of spindle motors may vary according to their intended use and type. Our spindle motors are in the range of 3000 – 24000 rpm.

Ceramic and steel bearings are used in spindle motors. The type and model of bearing used significantly affects the performance of the motor.

Protection and maintenance of spindle motors is important for their lifetime and performance. Cooling systems should be checked, dust and dirt accumulations should be cleaned and maintained to prevent overheating of the motor. In addition, a suitable drive should be selected for the motor.