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Hertz Motors, which we produce by blending our years of knowledge and experience with our labour, will be a concrete presentation of the concepts of quality and speed and will exhibit the facts you are looking for in a superior way.

By increasing our product range day by day; we continue to develop our products carefully with our diligent working principle that we adopt. Our motors, which we manufacture completely in our own facilities, pass through various production steps step by step with our qualified workforce and our experience passed down from generation to generation. Each part of our motors is presented to you after undergoing intermediate inspections during both manufacturing and assembly stages.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we ensure error-free production with quality control tests carried out by experts at the last stage. At every stage of our production, we are moving forward to ensure your satisfaction with our disciplined working system and vast knowledge.

With the mentality of “better product every new day”, it is our ultimate goal to reach better on every new working day we start working. The quality of the motors we produce is under the assurance of Hertz Motor.

Hertz Motor has no connection with Hertz Inc.