PVC, Aluminium Processing and Cutting Machines

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PVC, Aluminium Processing and Cutting Machines

Our motors are customisable and high performance for a wide range of applications. Each of our motors is built with advanced technology and engineering skills and is designed to provide a perfect match to customer needs.

Our motors offer high efficiency with advanced design and engineering. It makes your operations more economical and sustainable by optimising energy utilisation.

Our motors are designed to meet the industry’s highest power requirements. High performance and power output enable you to achieve outstanding results in even the most demanding applications.

Our motors are compactly designed for space efficiency. This allows them to be easily integrated and installed even in limited spaces, thus providing installation flexibility.

PVC Application with Hertz Motors

Hertz Spindle motors are used in PVC production to achieve excellent cutting and forming results by providing high precision and stable rotational speed. These motors offer reliable performance in PVC processing processes and support the production of quality products.

Aluminium Processing Application with Hertz Motors

Hertz spindle motors used in aluminium machining processes optimise the precision forming and drilling of aluminium parts with high speed and cutting capability. These motors help to process aluminium in various industrial applications by providing durability and efficiency.